Originally created for floor cloths Ars Fundi has developped wide fields of application. The manifold uses of this material , made possible by its stability yet at the same time flexibility - with our without elastic underlays.

Use the advantage of Ars Fundi for your projects:

  • the seamless canvas up to a measure from nearly 4 x 10 meters
  • the painting without repeat
  • the solidity and flexibility of the glued canvas it may be also used

On this area we realize for you provoking and crazy projects. Create


  • in the making of furniture artifical veneers for covering various hard forms


  • in kitchen studios high quality paintings for the wall in kitchens


  • in baths painted elements bordered with tiles as an exclusive detail


  • in furnishing premises for an individual selective design, for example in hotel rooms for bedheads as a coordinate to the existing furniture - decorative as well as hygienic


  • in interior decorating>/strong> for the creation of new room concepts, since Ars Fundi can be continually used for ceiling, wall and floor alike


  • in galleries for unusual room installations which can be designed by Ars Fundi or together with your artists.