Ars Fundi

Heavy canvas made from pure cotton or linen is prepared with glue, then painted or printed. As protection for the colours it will be varnished in - everything is handmade.

The very special thing is: the painting area is unusual big - up to 4 to 10 meters without seams! For innovative ideas with shapes and colours. For courage with paintings.

As the cloth painters of the old days did, all materials used have been fitted to the cloths - which shows in an above-average level of lightproof and durability. That´s why function and design combine harmoniously.

Use Ars Fundi in highly-frequented areas of your private domicile - such as entrance halls, halls, kitchens, dining-rooms, but also in winter gardens and children's rooms. On all even surfaces our carpets can easily be cleaned only with a wet mop.

Use Ars Fundi as an interior designer in order to create new room concepts by using the same flexible material for ceiling, wall and floor.

Create as furniture designer and carpenter a completely new visual effect combining surfaces of wood, metal and Ars Fundi.